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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Harvest report 2013 - Ktima Pavlidis

Here are the thoughts and views from Ktima Pavlidis, from the region of Drama in Northern Greece:

Harvest 2013

2013 seems to be a great year and one of the best in recent years , due to the fact that this year we had a very good growth cycle , with mild winters , normal temperatures , satisfactory rainfall and warm spring while there were no heat waves in during the ripening of the grapes.

The winter was mild, avoiding the danger of frost. There was no particular rainfall during April and May and the rains of June restored the water stocks of the soil . During maturation and harvest there was no particular rain and the daily temperatures were high, but not extreme over 37 ° C. Especially in the period of summer , the cool evenings in combination with the light breeze, helped smooth ripening in cooler temperatures than usual. No illnesses were observed which is the key element for the success of a wine. Compared to previous years the fruit setting increased with the result that yields were 20 % higher. The production of 2013 is expected to be very high quality as a result of weather conditions that permitted a smooth maturation. The optimal aromatic ripening was achieved and the excellent summer conditions ensured the high quality . The white wines this year are expected to be very aromatic with pleasantly high acidity and a good alcohol degree, while red wines seems to also have very good phenolic ripeness, rich flavor, color maturity structure and are capable of aging .
The 2013  wine harvest will consolidate the superiority of Drama region and of Greece in wine production internationaly.

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