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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Under the Sea.....That's where Thalassitis will be..

Here and there you have probably heard of scuba diving winemakers submerging bottles of wine to see how they will age underwater.  Yiannis Paraskevopoulos from GAIA Wines decided to experiment for himself two years ago - he submerged Thalassitis 2009 off Kamari Beach in Santorini. 

This past May I was on the island with our buying tour group when Yiannis asked me to come to the island to help him do it again.  The setting was classic - an amazing warm late spring day, blazing sun and eating seaside at Nixteri on Kamari Beach.  Perhaps it was the food coma plus multiple glasses of wine or Crazy Donkey beer that was already in my system? I agreed to do it. 

After looking at my schedule, I decided the best time to do this was over Labor Day weekend.  I will be going to Santorini for approximately 72 hours to help my fellow avid scuba diver submerge 2011 Thalassitis.  It does pose an interesting question though - can wine age underwater in an anaerobic, low light, consistent temperature environment? 

My antics have already made for interesting conversation in addition to me getting some very strange looks from people who think I'm a bit crazy for agreeing to this.  Hopefully we will bring up a few bottles of the 2009 Thalassitis that's already down there to try - that is, unless the fish have made off with it.

Stay tuned for updates on Twitter and future blog posts chronicling our escapades.  We will also be shooting video too and will post that once we string it together.

Wish me luck!