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Monday, October 21, 2013

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere! Ode Panos & Ode Panos Rose

Located in the high altitude appellation of Mantinia, Domaine Spiropoulos has been in existence for over two decades.  Aside from producing their USDA organic certified still wines, the winery also produces two sparkling wines - Ode Panos & Ode Panos Rose. 

Ode Panos 2012

Ode Panos 2012
Made from 100% Moschofilero in the Charmat method, Ode Panos is a lively and floral expression of the grape variety.  Slightly blush in color (Moschofilero is a pink skinned grape), Ode Panos has aromatics of rose petals and stone fruits.  Crisp acidity and a pleasant mouth feel complete this wine. Think of it as a wine that's in between Prosecco & Spanish Cava in style.  In 2012, the appellation laws changed to include Ode Panos in the Mantinia appellation.  As a result, the wine that once was a table wine is now PDO Mantinia and vintage dated. Approximately 800 cases are imported into the US annually. With the release of the 2012 Ode Panos, the winery decided on a package change and went from the black label to the one you see above.  

Ode Panos Rose NV
Ode Panos Rose NV
Ode Panos Rose is the newest addition to the winery's portfolio.  Released for the first time earlier this year, Ode Panos Rose is made from 80% Moschofilero and 20% Agiorgitiko.  Also made in the charmat method, this wine is a vibrant rose color with intense aromatics of rose water and cherry.  This wine was an experiment for the winery, with only 500 cases being made.  90% of the stock has been imported into the US.  Since the appellation of Mantinia only include white sparkling wine, Ode Panos Rose is classified as a table wine, and is therefore non vintage.  However, since this is the inaugural release, all of the wine is from the 2012 vintage.
Both of these wines are available across the United States and retail at approximately $25 per bottle.  They are great options as we enter into the holiday season. 


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