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Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest Post: Harvest Report 2011 from Estate Argyros on Santorini

Below is a guest post written by Estate Argyros on the 2011 vintage, which in their opinion rivals 2006.  To date I have tried the Atlantis White 2011 and am amazed by the aromas - something that was not as evident in the 2010. 

2011 Harvest report - Estate Argyros, Santorini
Vintage 2011 is considered as one of the best ever and is similar to the historical 2006.

The pruning started in November 2010 and it was completed in two periods, November and March

During the winter we had significant amount of rainfall and unusually low temperatures.
The beneficial winter rainfalls lasted from November to April and along with the low temperatures gave to the vine good boost and rest.

In spring time, mild conditions were favorable for flowering.
The bud break started around the 15th of April.
The climate enabled the grapes to ripen slowly to full maturity, giving the wine great finesse of aroma, crispness and structure. 

Summer was consistently cool.
Veraison was completed in late June.
The north breeze in July and August has moved development along nicely.

The harvest started on the 10th of August and ended the first week of September.
Αlthough, some parcels that were even two weeks behind were harvested in late September.
Probably, this was one of the latest harvests on record.
The crop was near the average.

The exceptional weather conditions of 2011 resulted wines with lovely freshness, intensity and concentration

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