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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Athenee Importers 2012 Road Show Recap

Earlier this month, 11 wineries imported by Athenee Importers participated in a 4 city road show that was open to media and trade only.  This year's events marked our third year of organizing it and has proven to be the best yet.  Perhaps third time's the charm?

This year's road show stopped in the following cities:
May 8th-Seattle, WA
May 9th-Portland, OR
May 12th-Chicago, IL
May 14th-New York, NY

Here is the list of participating wineries & Regions represented:
Thymiopoulos Vineyards, Naoussa
Domaine Porto Carras, Sithonia (Halkidiki)
Ktima Pavlidis, Drama
Domaine Vassiliou/Nemeion Estate (Nemea)
Domaine Harlaftis (Attica & Nemea)
Domaine Spiropoulos (Mantinia & Nemea)
GAIA Wines (Nemea & Santorini)
Mercouri Estate (W. Peloponnese)
Gentilini Wines (Cephalonia)
Estate Argyros (Santorini)
Cooperative of Samos (Samos)

In Seattle, Chicago and New York we also hosted a seminar lead by GAIA Wines Yiannis Paraskevopoulos. (You can download the presentation here).  In all three cities, the presentations were very well attended, which further solidifies the interest in Greece and the wines it produces.
Yiannis Paraskevopoulos leading the seminar in Chicago, March 12th

Overall, more than 350 people attended our events.  The majority were trade (buyers) of non ethnic accounts.  Interestingly, very few Greeks attended.  To me this means our portfolio is has truly crossed over to the mainstream market.  Unfortunately, in many instances, certain ethnic customers prefer to focus on the less expensive, lesser quality products.  Many believe that the majority of our portfolio is too expensive. It is quite amusing to me to hear this reasoning since there are many others working with wines from all over the world that believe the portfolio over delivers with regards to price & quality.

The events were organized by Athenee Importers. Teuwen One Image was essential to getting everything ready for the show.  Without that team of ladies, we would never had pulled off another successful year.  I thank Stephanie and her team from the bottom of my heart.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the participating wineries.  Without your support and belief in Athenee we would not be where we are.  We value all of you and appreciate your efforts in coming to the US and traveling across the country with us to spread the good word of Greek wines.
It was a tough schedule but we managed to have no snowstorms or bad weather delay the progress of the group.  By the time we made it to NY, we were enjoying 70 degree sunny weather.  A perfect end to a great week.

Until Next year!

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