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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ZHTW HELLAS! - Happy Greek Independence Day!

March 25th is a day of national pride for Greeks all over the world.  On this day in 1821, the Greek revolution to overthrow four centuries of Ottoman rule, began.  There are parades across Greece to commemorate this day and to honor all who fought for independence.  

In honor of Greek Independence, here are some beverages that you can pair with any Greek dish you may have today.
In recent years, microbreweries are popping up in all regions of Greece.  We carry the Donkey beers from Santorini.
Red Donkey - Santorini Brewing Co.  Established in 2011, Santorini Brewing Co is Santorini's only brewery.  They produce three styles of beer - Yellow, Red & Crazy IPA.  Have a Red Donkey with meze today or with a souvlaki.

There are many options in this category ranging from a traditional retsina, to a crisp white wine all the way to a fruity, refreshing red.
Retsina - This type of wine is considered an "Appellation by Tradition", meaning that it can only be produced in Greece.  A well made Retsina pairs exceptionally well with robustly flavored dishes that have lots of garlic & spice.  Think of Retsina like a palate cleanser between bites.  Serve well chilled.  Options for a well made retsina (not the stinky stuff of old) include Vassiliou Retsina & GAIA Ritinitis. The former is produced from Savatiano, which renders a softer style of Retsina, while the latter is made from Roditis, giving it more acidity and lemon notes.
White - Great options from indigenous Greek grape varieties include a Savatiano from Domaine Papagiannakos or a crisp Assyrtiko from Estate Argyros from Santorini.  These wines will be great with fish, pasta or salads.
Red & Rose - Now that we are officially in spring, it's time to enjoy rose & lighter reds.  Try Harlaftis Petaloudes rose made from 100% Syrah or Thymiopoulos' Young Vines 100% unoaked Xinomavro.  These wines pair amazingly well with a lamb burger, pork chops or even pizza!
Booze & cocktails - Your Greek Independence Day would not be complete without a fun cocktail.  Try a Johnny Samos - spiced rum, Samos Vin Doux and a splash of orange juice on top.  Otherwise, enjoy a little Stoupakis Kazanisto Ouzo or Katsaros Tsipouro well chilled or on the rocks!


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