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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Olive Oil Producer - Lantzanakis Estate

With the turmoil happening in Greece, many growers of olives for olive oil have decided to bypass selling to the cooperatives and to strike out on their own.  For many years Athenee has been working with the Cooperative of Sitia for their wine & spirits and their olive oils.  The Sitia olive oils have been extremely popular here in the US.  The quality and flavor are recognized as some of the best in the world.

Unfortunately, we have been plagued by poor harvests the past 2 years and have had inconsistent inventory levels.  In order to keep customers happy, we have decided to begin working with a private grower in addition to working with the Cooperative. In the last quarter of 2011 we began importing small quantities of PDO Sitia 0.3 and USDA Certified Krya EVOO from the Lantzanakis Estate.  Pricing has been competitive and quality consistent - customers are happy and that makes us happy.

By April 2012 we will also begin importing the Estate's PDO Sitia EVOO with an acidity level between 0.5-0.7%.  The flavor is practically the same as the cooperative's - after all, they were selling it to the cooperative for bottling up until recently.

Lantzanakis Estate offers PDO Sitia 0.3 in glass bottles and in tin.  Krya USDA Organic EVOO is available in 500ml glass bottles only.  The PDO Sitia will be released in glass & tin as well.  We expect for this line to arrive in the US late March.  The olive oil is available in select markets across the country and online at http://www.sitiaonline.com/.

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  1. I've had the opportunity to try the Lantzanakis Krya EVOO. Excellent olive oil at a very fair price.